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Fast Track Communications 4 Smart Acoustic Solutions For Your Workplace

4 Smart Acoustic Solutions For Your Workplace

Don’t start me on architects or interior designers, they are not my favourite professions. Most put form before function and prettiness before usability. Apologies if you are a function loving professional person and I have just taken a swipe at your chosen profession. The era of split workplace is here and here to stay in … Continued

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Digital audio over internet. Should you?

There are several vendors in the Audio Visual (AV) Industry that have developed digital audio solutions. Fast Track believes that the  BEST is DANTE (Digital Audio Networked Through Ethernet). Dante has quickly become the Defacto standard for digital audio in the AV industry Here is why: IT managers and their teams manage a multitude of … Continued

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The Secret To Your Successful Video Room Cable SetUp

Let’s address an issue which doesn’t seem exciting and causes most of the problems —  The Cabling. Almost always, the cabling needs to be adjusted to suit YOUR room layout or we need to add something additional to what comes in the box. Let’s cover the basics here. Power cabling. Every device that needs 240V will require … Continued

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Working From Home: Untangled

I subscribe to blogs and there are some really observant writers out there. As an AV/VC professional, this one got my attention today. I recommend looking this guy up- link below.   Here is a brief excerpt.   ….Just about every office worker who still has a job is now working from home, growing weary … Continued

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Video Vendor Showdown. How to Choose.

I just got back from an international partner conference for a major Video Conferencing vendor. I go to a few of these every year for different vendors and there’s a definite theme amongst them. Distilled, the main message is…’ we are the only game in town, every other player in our vertical sucks’. They ‘prove … Continued

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When Devices Replace People

A Greek, a Pom and an Aussie go into a bar for a drink. No, not a bad joke. This is an annual meeting of three technology business owners for a Christmas beer and a meal. I was late and the seats had been found so I am guessing we had some human intervention to … Continued

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Why some Video Conferencing Solutions Cost More than Others

Video solutions – the costs vary a LOT…. Why? Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, StarLeaf and others offer a ‘turnkey’ solution which includes room hardware, bridging software and professional services. Vendors like Microsoft,  Zoom,  BlueJeans and others do not. Leaving alone the end quality issue (which is so contentious I will dedicate a blog to this alone) … Continued

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How Important is Lighting in my Video Room?

Lighting in my Video Room – Does it REALLY matter? If you don’t mind the far end seeing you appear Balder / Fatter / Unwell, or worse- ghoulish. Then NO – you can leave it like it is. Theres no point in reading further. However, if you do mind.. please read on. You don’t have to … Continued

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Would you drive a car with a ‘DIY’ engine?

Would you really drive a car with a ‘DIY’ engine? I wouldn’t. And the custom cars that get hand built are so expensive that hardly anyone can afford them. Video Conferencing is considered part of the communications engine of a company. So why would you apply a DIY approach to something so vital? Theres an … Continued


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