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Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Office Equipment

So, you are moving offices. What should you do with your installed conference room equipment?


Let’s just get to the main point – we’ve learned that no one has time for long explanations. (i.e. just trust us from here on).
If you had the equipment installed more than 3 years ago, then most of it will not be worth taking. Sorry. We know that’s harsh! Most CFO’s are saying..” and we haven’t even written it off yet…”


If you’ve ever moved IN to a new office and have inherited equipment that’s still installed in the room, that’s not a bonus for you… it wasn’t worth taking. You’ve been left with someone else’s old stuff to probably decommission and replace – and, at your cost.


As every conference room is different and comes in a huge array of sizes, flexible layouts, and different tastes in furnishings, let’s break this down and explain (briefly) what we would say to you if you had asked us.

  • If you have analogue devices – mics, signal processors, share devices then don’t reuse them. Old tech is not always useful tech.
  • If you have battery-powered devices over 5 years old, then at least, consider new battery packs. If these are not easily available, then don’t reuse them. Bin them (in an environmentally sensitive way of course).
  • If the equipment cannot be connected to your network, then don’t reuse it.
  • Was the equipment chosen and configured for a very specific environment? If the new office is significantly different, then don’t reuse. You’ll pay more in labour to make it sort of work (square peg / triangular hole situation)
  • Are there any projectors? If they are older than 3 years, don’t reuse them. Projectors have come a long way in that time
  • Are there drop-down screens? If you answered yes to the previous question, you will probably answer yes to this. Consider trying to sell both to the next tenant. They can be useful while in place but an expensive hassle to move.
  • Are there room controllers integrated into the lighting, drop-down screens, monitors, etc? As above, try to sell to the next tenant. The labour cost will be high to relocate and reconfigure. Not worth it.
  • Was the equipment chosen to support vendor environments that you no longer use? i.e. Cisco Telepresence and your company now use Zoom. DON’T TAKE IT. We see this all the time and we can’t ever get it working for you.
  • Has the company changed significantly? I.e. an increase in remote working or training or VC meetings then don’t reuse existing equipment. Your 3-year-old gear won’t support this in the way you want it to.
  • Has the way you share content changed significantly? This might be something that can come move with you and maybe reuse. Ask us.


So, what can I salvage?
Amps, speakers, digital mics (perhaps), equipment racks, newish mixers < 2years, DSP’s, and equalisers. Screens less than 2 years old are ok. That’s about it.


And for those of you bold enough to ask if your reseller wants to buy the old gear, expect us to politely say NO! We wouldn’t sell it to you either (warranties have likely lapsed and who knows how it was serviced and handled) so we have no use for 2nd hand equipment. Try one of those internet selling sites for pre-loved items.


Moving to a new office can be laborious and the last thing you’d want is for you to exert extra time and effort on equipment that is not worthy of reusing. Seek professional advise if you need to sort through your office equipment.


Fast Track does this for a living and we love what we do. Talk to us before you start and save yourself some pain. If what you have needs fixing, we will be happy to help. If you’d like to talk to one of our professional team members about the best solution for your requirements, then fill out the form here and contact us today. We are here to help!

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