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Digital audio over internet. Should you?

There are several vendors in the Audio Visual (AV) Industry that have developed digital audio solutions. Fast Track believes that the  BEST is DANTE (Digital Audio Networked Through Ethernet).

Dante has quickly become the Defacto standard for digital audio in the AV industry

Here is why:

  • DANTE Works. It is by far the largest of all the options.
  • 500 equipment manufacturers onboard utilising the standard- and more on the way
  • Over 3000 devices using this software and counting.

IT managers and their teams manage a multitude of devices and applications not to mention security, storage and privacy concerns and there so there really needs to be a strong case to add another application.

Chances are there is audio on the company network already via VoIP / TEAMS / Zoom etc. and this works most of the time.

What we are talking about is way more substantial than voice-grade streams and traditional point to point applications.

You would implement DANTE when:

  • You need the highest quality audio. Places like corporate boardrooms, teaching facilities, education facilities, recording studios, stadiums, music venues, churches and religious campuses need DANTE.
  • You need to distribute Audio. A massive number of businesses need to get audio streams distributed through their premises. I have mentioned several above.
  • You have good quality legacy equipment and want to retain it but need to enable digital audio.
  • You want your audio-visual equipment to be in a secure, environmentally controlled environment not in a comms rack in the conference rooms.
  • You want your audio-visual equipment to be controlled remotely by applications.

The times we wouldn’t recommend it:

  • Stand-alone rooms used for video conferencing or company events.
  • Low budget installations.
  • Where there is no need for distributed audio.
  • Where the network is not secure or not able to carry extra traffic.

Fast Track really enjoy what we do. You’ll always get our honest opinion, and we are open and transparent in our business dealings. Some of our largest customers have been with us for over a decade. Fill out the form here and contact us today. As always, we are here to help!

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