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HELP I need to arrange a Video Conference in 3 days.

What can I do FAST? (and look like a Hero at the same time)

At some time or other most admin managers/ EA’s / office managers or the first hapless IT person that walks past gets unexpectedly thrown this one by the boss, we refer to it as The BEAST.

Theres usually a lot of sudden pressure to deliver the ‘experience’ in almost no time and the person requesting it usually thinks to themselves… how hard can it be?

The answer is: That Depends….

When talking about a corporate grade video experience there are a few fundamental rules to tackling  The BEAST. Let’s go through them.




Even cheap/fast solutions cost money and you need to spend it STRAIGHT AWAY. You will quickly realise that to get things done with almost ZERO notice is tricky ( but not impossible). Rush jobs cost a bit more. Getting your budget from your boss BEFORE you start ringing around or researching on the WWW will make it easy for you to cull the solutions that won’t do it. And in this situation Aint NOBODY got time for that.


Fast – Good – Cheap. But you only get to choose two. Why? Because nothing good is fast or cheap. So if you’ve only got three days then tell your boss that while you’ll get the job done quickly it WILL look and perform as a cheap solution. OH, Cheap equipment looks ugly (sorry but it does). That might matter if you’ve got a nice meeting room. Heroes shouldn’t need to apologise because the end result isn’t what the boss had in their mind. Set expectations.


You don’t need to pay a premium to get good advice. Someone who can quickly assess what components you need and get it working within your budget is GOLD. Find that person or company and trust them. Everyone likes to do a good job and they will be your hero so you can be the hero to the boss.

And everyone is happy.


Tell your boss that no matter the pressure NOW, it needs to be a solution that can be supported. You’re not an expert are you? If you were you wouldn’t need this. If you can’t call someone to help you out after its installed guess what…. You get a headache. No hero moment there.


Your boss will expect you to know how to use it and to show them what button to press – and don’t underestimate how little they will retain. You will probably need to show them every time. Since you aren’t an expert at this ( and BTW few people are) then pay the bit extra and get someone who knows to SHOW you.

DO yourself a favour and get trained. Heroes will always conquer The BEAST.


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