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What is the investment in Microphones for Video Conference spaces worth?

In the last few years, we have seen the rise of accessible and affordable platforms for Video Conferencing. There are still some of the older companies around who have entire ecosystems at premium delivery, but there are also options for smaller businesses to have capabilities more in line with the rest of our society’s adoption of technology.

One thing that never changes is that we must bring the physical world into the digital world. For vision, this is via cameras. For audio, this is via microphones.

With microphone selection being as varied and different across the marketplace as cars, clothing, and shoes, being able to find what you really need can be overwhelming.

When deciding to invest in installed equipment for a Video Conference Room you want to consider it as more of an investment than a cost. Just like you would a great pair of shoes for comfort, fashion, durability, or versatility.

Here are some factors to consider when sorting through the options. This will give you a great starting point to discuss our spaces with Technology Consultants, AV Designers and Integrators when looking at new or refurbished spaces for Video Conference Use:

1. Intelligibility

This is the number one factor to consider. If people are not able to be understood, then the meeting will struggle or fail.

2. Multiple Talkers

Many meetings will occur with a natural etiquette for allowing people to speak one at a time. When the need comes for more than one person in the room to speak, you need the other side to hear each person clearly. Some solutions perform this task better than others.

3. Form Factor

Often it is desirable to not have Audio Visual equipment visible and have a clean aesthetic to the room. There are a variety of options out there that take this into consideration. Where equipment must be visible there are more aesthetically pleasing options available.

4. Cost

It is always understood that there will be budget factors that drive the final decision. The microphone performs one of the primary tasks in a Video Conference space so the budget should reflect that accordingly.

Finally, the investment into the microphone and audio system will above all help to reflect your business. The true worth of the investment is in the result of being able to host successful, productive and meaningful collaborations via the Video Conference format. The real question is, what is that worth to your business both internally and externally.

The extensive range of audio-visual products and accessories available today can make finding the right solution an overwhelming task. Fast Track Communications along with our suppliers, can assist in the design, installation and support of your audio-visual solution to best meet your business’s needs. From small meeting rooms to large multi-functional boardrooms, and classroom environments to sporting arenas, Fast Track Communications‘ experience in providing solutions to meet tight time frames and budgets will deliver a superb user experience.

Request a call today to discover a solution that is right for you.

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