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Wired Foundations: Elevating Wi-Fi Standards through Quality Cabling for Access Point Connectivity

In the detailed design of modern connectivity, the quest for seamless Wi-Fi performance hinges not just on advanced standards but on the robustness of the underlying infrastructure. Amidst the allure of wireless innovation, the quality of data cabling emerges as a critical determinant, particularly in facilitating the transmission pathways between access points and devices. Let … Continued

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Enhancing AI Infrastructure: The Technical Superiority of Cat6a Data Cables

In the cutting-edge domain of artificial intelligence (AI), the efficiency and reliability of underlying hardware, including data cables, are paramount. Category 6A (Cat6a) cables emerge as a cornerstone in AI infrastructure, providing the necessary bandwidth and reliability for advanced AI computations. This article delves into the technical aspects of Cat6a cables, illustrating why they, along … Continued

Fast Track 5 Myths about Copper and Fibre Data Cabling

5 Myths about Copper and Fibre Data Cabling

Many claims create myths surrounding copper and fibre data cabling. Here are five of them. 1. Any old Electrician can do the cabling This is not necessarily the case. Many customers believe cheap is best and “my electrician can just do it while he does the power cabling”. In some cases, this can be true … Continued

Fast Track Communications 8 Critical Decisions That Are Often Not Considered when Planning Office Electrical and Infrastructure Cabling That You Need to Know

8 Critical Decisions That Are Often Not Considered when Planning Office Electrical and Infrastructure Cabling That You Need to Know

Planning your office electrical and infrastructure cabling? Here are 8 critical decisions often not considered when customers are planning their office Electrical and infrastructure cabling and why it’s important for you. Letting the builder include it in their scope. Our experience is quite often the builder is tasked with including the Electrical and Communications specification … Continued

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The Secret To Your Successful Video Room Cable SetUp

Let’s address an issue which doesn’t seem exciting and causes most of the problems —  The Cabling. Almost always, the cabling needs to be adjusted to suit YOUR room layout or we need to add something additional to what comes in the box. Let’s cover the basics here. Power cabling. Every device that needs 240V will require … Continued

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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Agnostic Software

Some hardware manufacturers have an AGNOSTIC view of video conferencing software which means that their hardware will serve any software package you have in the room. Often this means you would BYOD (i.e. your own PC) with the software installed and connect via USB cables to the camera and microphones etc. These are useful when … Continued

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The Finest Project in my Career

By Ashlee Ball Senior Client Development Manager Having been a sales specialist in the IT industry for a while now, I’ve presided over the sales and delivery of 1000’s of technical projects. Each and every one of them were subtly different, each client was heavily involved and influenced the outcomes in ways that manufacturers couldn’t … Continued


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