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Would you drive a car with a ‘DIY’ engine?

Would you really drive a car with a ‘DIY’ engine?

I wouldn’t.

And the custom cars that get hand built are so expensive that hardly anyone can afford them.

Video Conferencing is considered part of the communications engine of a company. So why would you apply a DIY approach to something so vital?

Theres an excellent chance you are already using VC in your business with free versions of VC software (think Facetime or Skype) so when  people love the idea and hate the quality they go looking for something better.

My beloved late grandmother always taught me that…

‘Poor People Can’t Afford Cheap things’.

Businesses that need to be prudent with their spending really ought to act the same way. Buy well, buy quality, have it professionally implemented and move on. Don’t muck about and waste time replacing/revisiting/complaining/waiting for support etc.

It costs way more to be bespoke with Video conferencing unless you have all the time and money in the world.

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