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How Important is Lighting in my Video Room?

Lighting in my Video Room – Does it REALLY matter?

If you don’t mind the far end seeing you appear Balder / Fatter / Unwell, or worse- ghoulish.

Then NO – you can leave it like it is. Theres no point in reading further.

However, if you do mind.. please read on.

You don’t have to do a lot to make a few improvements, in fact some very minimal changes to the lighting will make you look like the normal self that your colleagues and customers are accustomed to seeing. So what can you do?

Well, here are a few tips that will give you the right lighting and your usual confident appearance.

  • Warm / yellow tinged  lighting gives the skin even tone.
  • Cool lighting ( blue tints) makes people look pale and a little unwell. Stark fluorescent lighting will show every blemish and dark circle.
  • Consider the location of the lighting in relation to the camera. The wrong angles can give people halos and turn them into black blobs to the far end. Windows with natural light are often culprits.
  • Wall colour is also enhanced with lighting. The wrong colour will have a big impact on how the far end receive images of the participants. ( Some colours make people look dreadful)
  • Lighting from Standard lamps cast shadows that may not be flattering.
  • Putting the room lighting on a different circuit to the rest of the office gives you much better control without affecting everyone else.

No one likes to  admit that they are self-conscious around video conferences, but if they don’t like how they appear on a screen you’ll hear excuses why they won’t participate. A bit of professional advice with lighting  will enable your Video room to be a comfortable piece of technology that everyone will use.


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