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10 Tips for Creating More Privacy at your Video Meetings

Is privacy important for your video meetings?

If the answer to that question is yes, then here are our top 10 suggestions of things you can do to ensure you get the maximum privacy.

  1. How sound proof are your walls? Consider acoustic deadening for the room and regulate the volume coming from the other parties.
  2. Check if your monitor or screen can be seen from outside the room. Glass panels and reflective surfaces ( like framed pictures)  can often accidentally reveal content to people you don’t think can see in.
  3. If there are mirrors in the room ensure they are behind the camera. Many board rooms have a drinks or service cabinet at one end with mirrors.
  4. Does your video conferencing system keep call logs like recently called numbers? Have this feature turned off and erase call logs.
  5. Do you have call recording enabled at either this or the far end? Where are these recordings stored and who has access? Can you pin protect this content?
  6. Consider what is displayed at the far end about you as the other party. Is your company name and location transmitted?  i.e. ACME International Sydney Board Room. You can’t see or control who might see that information.
  7. Are there any whiteboards, computer screens, flip charts or notes in the cameras field of view? Did other users leave sensitive information from a previous meeting? We see this  ALL THE TIME.
  8. If your video conferencing system allows far end camera control  then switch it off. The other party should only see what you intend them to see.
  9. Enable ‘local view’ before you start the meeting so you can see what the other party will see and adjust if necessary. Takes only a few seconds.
  10. Switch off the auto zooming facility if it may inadvertently display information you do not want shared.

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