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4 Smart Acoustic Solutions For Your Workplace

Don’t start me on architects or interior designers, they are not my favourite professions. Most put form before function and prettiness before usability. Apologies if you are a function loving professional person and I have just taken a swipe at your chosen profession.

The era of split workplace is here and here to stay in my opinion. Communication and collaboration are more important than ever and for that, we have some great software tools and most of us are familiar with how to use them. Video conferencing hardware is improving generation by generation and its cost is more affordable than ever.

Why is it that some meetings still just don’t work? The answer is usually the sound and soundproofing. If we can’t see the other person, it’s frustrating. If we can’t hear them, it’s game over. And if we have good software and good hardware if we can’t hear clearly, the answer can often be poor acoustics caused by poor design or poor soundproofing. If you are starting out at a green feel site, have my architect friends design a sound-friendly environment.

Consider these acoustic solutions and see how easily the situation can be improved.

Acoustic Tiles

Often sound proofing is not soundproofing at all but sound absorption. Replacing conventional ceiling tiles or attaching acoustic tiles to the existing ceiling they work very well are not expensive and not generally intrusive. They are great when the room has a lot of glass surfaces.

Acoustic Curtains

It’s common knowledge that fabrics can deaden noise. Did you know there are specialised curtains designed for really sound proofing? These can be used effectively in rooms that have opening walls and when divided need to dampen the sound from the room next door. Or, glass walls that can be covered when privacy is an issue. The cost is reasonable, and the curtain tracks can be customised to curve or follow the shape of more intricate rooms.

Acoustic Blinds

Very similar to the curtains but usually used over glass surfaces to block light and sound proof rooms.


This is obvious but often overlooked item. Carpets or rugs can be added softer chairs, curtains, blinds, fabric covered acoustic tiles on one or more wall surfaces, wall hangings, even pictures with acoustic foam backing.

There are ways of improving design errors in even the worst of rooms. Talk to us as well as installing the very best VC and AV solutions. We can fix acoustic, lighting and sound issues and we care about our clients experiences. Fill out the form here and contact us today. As always, we are here to help! 

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