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Why do I need to care about the acoustics in my Video room?

Do you care, or should you even care?

The answer is: well .. you don’t NEED to care…although you may find someone else in your world will and suddenly it’s your problem anyway.



Conferencing Equipment (Voice and Video) is more about what you SEND than what you receive. You might not care about the quality of the experience in your meeting room but the people on the receiving end might. Speakerphones are often noise cancelling but they aren’t magicians – some problems are environmental.

If your own room is echo-ey or boom-ey ( ‘bright’ or ‘live’  are terms sometimes used) you may not really care/ notice it as much as the poor people on the receiving end of a voice or video call. They will find you hard to hear and will constantly fiddle with their speaker phone to compensate for what your sending…and wouldn’t you rather just have them focus on what you are saying?

LUCKILY it’s not hard to address and there are some very effective remedies that don’t cost the earth. I know they sound obvious but try these:  Acoustic tiles work wonders and can be inexpensive.

  • Consider putting some soft furnishings ( carpets, curtains etc) in rooms where there are lots of reflective surfaces ( glass windows and walls, concrete floors,  framed pictures are the prime culprits).
  • Moving your input microphone ( speaker/telephone) away from reflective surfaces can make a difference
  • Upgrade your equipment to get some excellent noise cancelling at the source. Modern stuff can make a HUGE difference.

When no one complains believe me you’re on a winner.


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