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Why Audio Visual (AV) Solutions Are Critical To Hybrid Work Environments.

Thanks to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people working from home or in hybrid working environments has dramatically increased, and a key way businesses have survived the pandemic thus far is due to technology, and in particular, audio visual (AV) and videoconferencing (VC) technology.

The fact that technology advances have allowed people working from home to maintain contact and connection with other remote staff or to their physical offices has certainly allowed the economy to role on. However, even now that we are learning to live with Covid, many organisations, thanks to technology support, will continue to utilise hybrid working environments.

With these plans in place for many businesses, it is therefore vital that they have effective audio and visual technology in place to enable their teams to work productively, efficiently, and collaboratively.

What are AV solutions?

Before looking at why AV solutions are so critical to a hybrid working environment, it is important to consider and understand what they are.  The audio visual technology which provides visual images and audio technology where we can see, hear, and share content with people that are not in the same space as us has ensured businesses are able to operate and grow on a global scale.

No longer restricted by not having a physical presence, audio visual technology is a solution that makes us all available, wherever we are, in the same office, on different floors, or in another country, the ability to connect creates significant opportunities for growth.

The benefits!

The major reason why audio visual solutions are critical to hybrid working environments is the many benefits that businesses receive. These include:

  1. The ability to reduce office size

Switching to a hybrid work model enables businesses to reduce their office space. Rather than occupying a space built for 50, they can occupy a space built for 10 or 15 with the knowledge that the AV technology will enable their employees to be just as connected as if they were in the traditional workspace.

  1. Flexibility and adaptability

AV solutions enable the hybrid working environment. Business are better positioned to pivot when obstacles present themselves and tackle challenges with staff in any location worldwide.

  1. Greater collaboration

There are many tools to aid collaboration and, with the addition of AV and video conferencing, meeting spaces become much more powerful.  It also means that those working remotely are not missing out on vital opportunities to mingle and brainstorm with their colleagues.

  1. Environmental benefits

With businesses becoming more environmentally conscious, AV systems enable the reduction of their carbon footprint. The need to travel is reduced, less cars on the road, less requirement for public transport or Uber. Offices are smaller and there is a reduced reliance on paper documents as they are replaced by cloud based documents better suited to collaboration.

Why you need Fast Track Communications AV Solutions in Your Business?

As senior level decision makers, it is important to consider the value that reliable and cost-effective AV technology solutions bring to your business. Whilst such technology does involve an initial outlay in order for suitable equipment and technology to be implemented throughout your business, the benefits as described above, particularly in a hybrid working environment certainly make the investment worth it.

Fast Track Communications is proud to offer a comprehensive enterprise audio visual and video conferencing service, which offers an array of products suitable for both medium and large scale businesses.

Providing 24/7 support to our clients, we are conferencing and collaboration fanatics, with the ability to design, build and advise on the most effective audio-visual technology set up, that is suitable for your business needs and your budget. Whether your business intends to use Microsoft Teams as a communication platform or other video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google, LifeSize or others and needs cameras, microphones, digital monitors, screens, speakers and other products, our team can certainly assist.

If you are in the market for a new AV system, or now have a greater respect for the benefits of AV technology solutions and want to know more about what an AV system set up can do for your business, get in touch with us today!

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