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Telstra Purple


Telstra Purple engaged us to support Amatil Coca-Cola through to Supply and Install the new 10G Fibre network, including the design of fibre pathways, upgrade of communication racks and installation of client-supplied wifi wireless access points (WAPS).


This was also a National Project with multiple sites.

Project Specification

  • The Project covered multiple sites involved over 150 staff and contractors supplied by Fast Track
  • Most of these sites where 24/7 operation so we had given a window of time to complete works
  • The project was time critical and we completed every site on time and on budget
  • Most of the sites were manufacturing plants so a lot of Hi access works (so lifts and working at height qualified people) and conduit works sometimes in areas that were difficult to access
  • Value roughly $ 1.5 Million
  • We received lots of verbal thank yous but also two written emails below one from Telstra Rep and one from Coca Cola Rep.
  • Due to this project we received works from Telstra and we also now also work direct to Coca Cola.


This project gave Coke much better wifi coverage and a redundant wifi network to fall back on in times of outages in the primary network. We excelled at the project management as it was difficult to coordinate due to the sites being 24/7 production. We were given allotted timeframes to complete our tasks and all where completed without any disruption or downtime to the manufacturing plants.

“FastTrack Comms were able to complete the required roll-out of new fibre and Ethernet runs, covering much of the main 128 Northmead site. This is the groundwork for some great improvements coming later this year, to give us much better WiFi coverage and duplication of networks to maintain connection during outages.

Big thank you to the team from FastTrack who had some atrociously hot and humid conditions over the weekend yet were still able to spend the time to thoroughly clean all work areas before leaving. A pleasure to work with.”

– Brian Stafford

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