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Fast Track Communications have been engaged by Caltex/Ampol Retail Resilience team since November 2018 rolling out their Rack2Go solution as part of the Caltex Blueprint Stores Project. The project serves the function of updating the IT infrastructure, replacing aging equipment and allowing for connection to the NBN network as well as standardizing Ampol’s infrastructure across their vast network of retail stores.


As of September 2021, Fast Track communications have completed installation in approx. 500 stores including metropolitan, regional, and remote locations across the country.

Project Specification

  • It covered most of their national sites including remote areas.
  • The changeovers (known as cutovers in our industry) were performed after hours, we had an allocated window to switch of and remove the old equipment and instal the new equipment then reignite and test so the service station was operable by the nominated time.
  • The project had agreed on timeframes with milestones to meet each month ( Which we have met every month to date)
  • The value now exceeds $600K to date
  • We have received and written feedback from the client but have been told many times that the work the team has been completing was of a great standard
  • Our strengths on this project were our coordination of multiple resources and contractors and being flexible and adaptable when sites were not ready due to delays of installation of NBN services and other factors that affected the rollout caused by others.
  • Due to our performance on this project, we will be commencing in the next month another rollout with Ampol for different types of work for 700 Service Stations Nationally we are doing 10 pilots sites and helping with the Design and Construction depending on the outcome of the pilots. We also have commenced works on behalf of Fujitsu for the “doms” cabling for the project. Previously they had been engaging another firm to complete these works.

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